Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative writing: Playing with Language

Playing with language

Word/phrase association
Playing with language is a good way to develop ideas for writing creative pieces. The idea is to allow your subconscious to go with the flow of the ideas and thoughts that come to your mind. Try not to judge the words and phrases that come, just let the words appear on the page. The following activity can be useful in developing particular ideas or phrases or concepts that stand out to you. You can use these ideas in creative pieces you are already working on, or perhaps these ideas could turn into something greater. Whatever you choose, have fun playing with language and meaning.

Activity: (This should take about 4 minutes to complete)
1. I have chosen a number of phrases for this activity, but any phrase can be used. Begin with the first phrase and then after one minute continue your writing with the second phrase and so on until all the phrases have been included in your writing piece. Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling or grammar. Just write.

First phrase – ‘Along the river’ – write for one minute, then write the
second phrase – ‘I remember when’ – write for a further one minute, then write the
third phrase – ‘he had changed so much’ – write for a further one minute, the write the
fourth phrase – ‘in her imagination’ – write for the last minute. Stop writing.

2. Underline some of the phrases, ideas, concepts you particularly like. Try to use these in other pieces of writing you have already written or in future pieces of writing. Perhaps your thoughts may inspire a greater piece.

Modelled response
Along the river shop plants float freeing commotion peaceful orangutan, guided leaf flower frosted gamete gloat greedily car crash dreamed frosted orange petal camera cox carrot juice flow degrade furrow tunnel under ground sleep slumbering safe caress quake Carly name hat goat company titled fellow goat foot flow foreign come said the forest ground to a harrowing hollow empty wholeness forming happy walk groan I remember when the dog died Benny howled hell core quavering she crawled sheepishly next to the body, shy rice dad on the brink fell hole well rise your neck up in to the emptiness of solitude door handle window pain rain dripping, sliding down the glass like a snot she was the most unusual girl in the class styling fingertips were rested on the bottom of the foliage forever fun to be home in the snow cool touch great hair for hole deep welling in the socket of her checks mouth rich ruby raw crouch up float waft like incense burning coming down slipping hole fear following tripping toes slow frown grove to the gate growing sliding open pulling out he had changed so much at the airport gliding out of his body standing beside the postman checking for ants on the envelopes sleeping awake to the torrent gushing out there where grace learns to sew her dowry of brilliant silk into a blanket for her daughter or her monkey friend since birth in her imagination keeping faith and restoring hope for the beauty of the ka they laughed from their bellies fulling up on the fruit of the nectar life subtle force nudging on the bear who kissed the ranger on the head just like that and ate his breakfast he was hungry after sleeping furrowed in the cave.

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