Friday, October 23, 2009

Writing prose from images

Activity: (This should take about 15 minutes to complete)
Imagine the still images (on the right side of the blog) reflect the setting of a potential narrative about ‘belonging’ or ‘not belonging’. Write a descriptive paragraph for each image, developing the story by adding, characters, plot and conflict. You may like to use some of your creative writing pieces from the activities above.


Developing plot using images

Plot refers to what happens in the story – the action. Things happen to various characters in particular settings. The following strategy will help you to see how the plot of a story can develop. By writing short pieces about a series of seemingly unrelated images, your plot will take shape. Perhaps the ideas you come up with could inspire you to develop the narrative further.

Collect 4 - 6 images that seem to be unrelated. The more unusual they appear, the better. For example images of a lamp, a sheep, a cockroach and a baseball cap do not seem to relate to one another. Under each image write a short piece (about 100 words) through freewriting inspired by that image. Although the images may not seem to relate, try to connect each image when you write by creating a story. Add mystery, conflict, drama to your story.

You can find images anywhere – on the internet, in magazines and newspapers, photographs – old and new. It’s up to you. Choose pictures that appeal to you.

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